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Manna-7 Come out. Fly into reward room.

Manna-6 Kiss her. Try to catch him by suprise. Manna-6 Try to go through door.

How to install an indicator door bolt - Bathroom bolt

Possess one of girls. Manna-2 Kick Joe. Manna-1 I have been sent to him. Say you were sent here. Crush the mans soul. Crush her soul. Try to maneuver her. Pursue in spirit form. Attempt to seduce. Go along with it. Do not crush his soul. Possess him now. I do have the manna.

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Return to your body. Try to possess Reginold. Final Reckoning on her. General hints: Health is abundant, mana is rare — generally trade health for mana when the option exists, and ALWAYS trade health for morale. This is debatable — suppressing Mazellos is -6 health, -2 morale. I doubt this is the case, though. This path results in an ending with 17 health, 6 mana, 24 morale for points — this almost certainly perfect.

As long as you avoid detection, health is absurdly abundant — never pay any other resources to improve health. Mana is also fairly abundant, so the focus should be on improving morale more or less exclusively. Again, you are health rich in this game. General hints: Mana is absurdly abundant — you should almost always choose to spend mana when the option is available. Therefore, when the option exists to sacrifice health, you should take it. Note that you pick up the walkthrough against at [-2 mana], so you do lose 2 mana on this path.

The in game hint that this is wrong is that it forces you to take this path anyway. Thank you for the input. Hells… I just bought the third segment, then played it and the free first volume.

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  • Is it the pictures that boost its value? WC was written by Sam Landstrom in his own programming language, and he publishes the game to Kindle and Android himself. We license the content from him, and sets his own prices across platforms. Or, at least, that how I understand it. Copyediting or no, Hosted Games and the official Choice games are longer, have less errors and are in many cases better written; why not raise the price? ADNox The difference in price comes from who controls the price. When does Volume 6 come to kindle?!! Did you know that Sam Landstrom is also a publisher now? First of all, in chapter 3, when you choose "Lightning bolt it. Lucky for Microsoft. Sam released all volumes for free on the Windows store. Wizard's Choice Volumes guides Off-Topic. Other Interactive Fiction. ReinFrost August 4, , am 1. ReinFrost August 23, , am 2.

    ReinFrost August 23, , am 3. ReinFrost August 23, , am 4. Wizards Choice Volume 4 Guide. All Powerful Lord of the Night. ReinFrost August 23, , am 5. ReinFrost August 23, , am 6. Wizards Choice Volume 6 Guide.