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Spells were sets of instructions for reshaping or directing the life force to affect living or magically sensitive materials. The wands and such act like the wiring and magnetic core, the potions would be like iron filings mixed into an oil or putty, and the will acts like the battery. Turn it on and the electromagnet affects the iron filings in the putty to take on specific shapes. He quickly made arrangements to move the stuff he could not easily replace to a secure locker since his small apartment could never house even a portion of it, and made some longer term plans.

Within a year, he had a fully operational lab with live plants, and fresh supplies and equipment, and new security in place. The books and journals were digitized so they could be searched and indexed.

Mike parked the original hard copies in a series of safety deposit boxes. As he built his new lab, he also tried out various tutorials suggested in the books. He sped the growth rates of some non-magical plants and changed the colors of flower petals. He was able to cause all the leaves and much of the flavoring in a cup of loose-leaf tea to collect in a ball around the tip of a wand.

He was even able to get a fully-charged wand to hover and spin over a pattern of salt on the workbench. Mike was becoming increasingly excited by his research and successes, and was planning to carry out some of the spells his father had crafted for him, with a couple of additional improvements that would not have been appropriate on a young boy. His real job at the labs chugged on. Knowing that there was a whole different layer to things than his co-workers were aware of sometimes made for awkward situations. During a discussion of an alternative version of Viagra, Mike wanted so badly to reveal that one of his grandparents had actually created a transmundane version of the stuff that restored and enhanced male sexual function in ways that Viagra could not touch—easier arousal, more controlled erections, more control over ejaculation, increased sperm count and motility, and more—and it did so for months or even years from just one pill and a fairly easy spell!

It would have been worth millions in bonuses to Mike. Besides, no one would believe that the hodge-podge of stuff in it would have a difference—but Mike could attest that it worked exactly as described.

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Even more so, he wished he could tell his lab partner, Jill. He really liked her and usually shared even the most boring elements of his life with her. He especially liked getting her to laugh. Her plain face lit up when she smiled and became radiant when she laughed. But no—this was just too big and weird, and he was just getting started in it. Jill knew something was amiss. The two had worked together for a couple years, and she was pretty sensitive to his moods.

She even had a bit of a crush on Mike—more of a fantasy, really, that she sometimes used when she masturbated herself to sleep. Mike was more distant or distracted for the last few months. He stopped taking overtime, but was often doing secretive things in lab spaces they rarely used. He also stopped talking to her much about his after-work life. Sure—it was usually boring things like computer or TV time, but he was usually able to make her laugh with his spin on it.

This made poor Jill feel even lonelier, and even worse about things like her oily skin and hair or pudginess. Not having Mike to talk to did not leave her much in her life. Without really meaning to, she started to stalk Mike. She quickly learned about the storage locker and how much time he spent there, but little past that. It just made her feel more alienated over time. On the anniversary of the day he planted the trees in his new lab Mike was finally ready for the first big experiment.

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If everything worked correctly the vile potions he had been ingesting over the last week would react with the energies in the wand to… yes! It was working! He felt things tingling, then stirring.

He felt his blood pumping into his cock as it rose to its usual erect 14cm or, as he automatically converted, about 5. It rose in little jerks along with his heartbeat, feeling hotter and heavier as it moved.


Mike was getting more and more aroused by what was happening in his hand and on the screen and it felt like it was helping drive the spells. He held it in his hand as it grew. When it started, the side of his hand was touching his groin and the head of his penis was just poking a bit out his fist. Within a half-hour his hand was still cradling the shaft but now there was an inch between his hand and his crotch.

The shaft was getting thicker and his testes were also growing. He recalled from his prep work that the average human penis was The thickness had gone up to where his fingers barely met, his testes were nearly the size of a kiwifruit—and everything was still growing.

He drank some transmundanely enhanced juice and lay back for a bit, setting the alarm to avoid too much exposure—after all there really can be too much of a good thing! Mike jerked awake when the alarm exploded near his head. He sat up, groaning, feeling vaguely hung-over. As his vision cleared, he beheld the fruits of his labors—a gorgeously long, thick cock atop two large balls. It was a thing of beauty and power! A few strokes had it rising its majestic head and a bit more stimulation had his ears ringing as it reared up to its full No wonder he was a little dizzy Mike was unsure if it was a side effect of the spell or a natural thing, but he was really, really horny!

The Transmundane (1 of 4)

He felt a bit out of control as he jerked himself off and exploded with a wad of cum that flew halfway over the table! A few more thick wads blasted out as Mike shouted in ecstasy. Jill jerked awake in her car, unsure what happened.

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Did someone scream? His car was still here, so she did not miss him, but was curious about what may have woken her. She slunk to the door and gently tried the knob, but it was locked as usual, then listened at the door for a bit but only heard the background music he usually played. She slipped back to her car and waited some more.

It did not take long for Mike to emerge. He looked pretty beat and was walking funny. She followed as he went straight home and apparently to bed. She went home as well, frustrated over the minor mystery and wanting her friend back. A new Mike arrived at work the next morning. Well-groomed, humming, happy. He greeted Jill with a big smile and even a hug, which warmed the tired lab worker more than she wanted to admit.

It was almost as if the last couple months had never happened. They went out to lunch and talked about news items and TV shows—although Mike admitted he was a bit behind on some of his favorites. Jill was happy to have her friend back, but she also noticed he slipped away to the rest rooms several times during the day. Near the end of the day, she noticed Mike on his cell phone with a huge smile on his face—and that he left rather quickly after that.

Her curiosity up, Jill followed him to the home of a friend of theirs that used to work at the lab as a receptionist, Sue. Jill knew that the two had dated briefly although nothing really came of it and she began dating others soon after.